Arbors, Gazebos, & Pergolas


Arbor styles are about as varied as they come. There are arch-style arbors, bench arbors, gateway arbors, and the list goes on and on. Whatever the style you may choose, it will be a wonderful addition to your landscape.


Gazebos are a true “peaceful retreat” place in our opinion. They can be snuggled back into a woodland setting or perched right off the edge of a deck. Either way, they afford a place to “get away” for a bit, maybe to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with a good friend, or just settle into a comfy chair and look at your favorite magazine.


Pergolas (also called shade overheads and open patio roofs) are wonderful additions to almost any deck or patio, especially if there is a bit of a sun problem. They allow better air circulation than a closed roof,  and can provide from a little to a lot of shade during the day, while still allowing you to look up at the stars should you choose to sit out on a warm summer night.