Retaining Walls

Beautiful as the hilly terrain of Northeast TN and Southwest VA is, often as not, it creates a landscaping problem. Thankfully, it's a problem that is usually quite easy to solve with some form of retaining wall. Retaining walls are very versatile in what they do. Sometimes they don't even have to hold anything back, just be there to look pretty and add some character to a landscape. The pictures below are excellent examples of the various functions of retaining walls.


                    Before                                                         After

Keystone Country Manor retaining wall - (light load bearing)

Old Forge block wall - (light load-bearing)

     Versa-Lok retaining wall supporting patio - (heavy load-bearing)

                             Double timber walls holding back unstable hillside
                                                     (extreme load-bearing)

Belgard Country Manor freestanding courtyard wall

Double Timber Walls with built-in bench supporting driveway (heavy load bearing)

Old Forge block wall with steep curves - (light load bearing)
                     Timber wall holding back deteriorating swimming pool foundation
                                                                (heavy load bearing)
                           Terraced timber walls (Decorative - non-load bearing)

Belgard Country Manor retaining block (Decorative)

           Timber wall holding stable hillside off of driveway - (medium load bearing)

          Double Versa-Lok block walls supporting driveway - (heavy load bearing)

         Belgard Country Manor Retaining Wall (Free-Standing - Non-Load Bearing)